Darryl Cox, Jr. - Mixed Media Artist


DRYAD - Fusion Frame Sculpture

Repurposed Antique Victorian Frame (wood & gesso) unified with Pine Tree Branch reclaimed from the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness of Oregon.

19th-century Victorian frame, with its mythological-like running compositions of acanthus, laurel leaf and lamb’s tongue, bares its original finish, albeit, coarsened. Its former home was at the bottom of a cache of many other treasures, in an antique store on the coast of Oregon Pine branch, with brilliantly live lichen, was literally laying on the ground, severed from its majority, as if it was ready for a new endeavor. Frame and branch now share conserved lichen.

In Dryad, both branch and frame are born anew, with an exceptional bond to one another. Just like so many people, friends, in life.

Approximate Dimensions: 18" W, 47" L, 10" D
$3,500, no charge for freight & insurance in domestic USA
15% rebate if picked up in Bend, OR