Darryl Cox, Jr. - Mixed Media Artist


ENZO - Fusion Frame Sculpture

Repurposed Antique Frame (wood & gesso) unified with Pine Tree Branch reclaimed from the Central Oregon Wilderness.

I spotted this stout frame, modeling its fanciful running patterns, in an antique store on the coast of Oregon. It was in my possession for years because I had not found a good companion branch. Then, a friend gave me this spectacular pine tree branch, which he spied on an excursion. A perfect counterpart.

I did not invest the usual search effort to acquire the branch. Yet, that is where time-savings ended. It took a long while to ready for fusing — a two-year progression. The branch had not weathered enough and it was as if the bark was joined with cement. Peeling was not an option until it was allowed to swelter in the High Desert sun for a couple of years. After which, dental tools were required to remove the bark so as to preserve the outer subtle color variations and wood grains. It took many hours, and a lot of patience.

I appreciate the energetic, yet almost musing old-world soul encapsulated in Enzo. One of those souls that is whimsically eager to impart wisdom, if one merely phrases the question properly.

Approximate Dimensions: 21" W, 23" L, 7" D
$3,800, no charge for freight & insurance in domestic USA