Darryl Cox, Jr. - Mixed Media Artist



– Sold Out

LACEY - Fusion Frame Sculpture

Repurposed Antique Deep Ornate Frame (wood & gesso) acquired from a Willamette Valley antique merchant unified with a pair of Fir Tree Roots reclaimed from a dry lakebed at Detroit Lake, Oregon; at water levels that have not been as low since 1969.

The natural, earthy grey color of the roots, reclaimed years ago, is preserved – original. The once bright gold frame is now transitioned to echo the tone of the roots.

When contemplating Lacey, I am reminded of the composure, refinement, that comes from withdrawing from disorder that is out of one’s control.

Approximate Dimensions: 19" W, 43" H, 6" D
Crating, Freight & Insurance in Domestic USA included in Price