Darryl Cox, Jr. - Mixed Media Artist



MAGE- Fusion Frame Sculpture

Repurposed Antique American Frame (gilded wood & gesso, circa 1860s) unified with a Pine Tree Root reclaimed from the Jefferson Wilderness of Oregon.

This neoclassical frame with its fluted cove, leaf and berry motif and hand applied corner ornamentation, acquired from a Boise, Idaho antique store, was a faultless find for a long-suffering root awaiting a companion. The root, the smallest and last remaining of three segments retrieved from a magnificent felled pine tree, has been protectively sealed safeguarding its beautiful warm colors. Both frame and root now share one another’s wardrobe. And as one, cast incredible enchanting shadows.

In Mage, I see a wise, mystical elder ready to impart wisdom - if only one will hearken. 

Approximate Dimensions: 23" W, 46" L, 8" D
No charge for freight & insurance in domestic USA