Darryl Cox, Jr. - Mixed Media Artist


SIREN - Fusion Frame Sculpture

Such enchantment with this one – equal parts pleasing antique 1900s Belgium School frame and mysterious tree root.

The wood & gesso frame, acquired from a collector, has a graceful swept flowing attribute. The root, reclaimed shoreside, was literally laying right before me, in my path, as if it was beckoning me. A rare occurrence. It radiates a come-hither bidding. Original finishes veiled, both now flaunt a rich coppery-bronze quality. A living finish that will, with time, patina ever so sparsely.

Mythical nuances of the frame’s rather modest running patterns and acanthus corner ornaments, coupled with the alluring spirit of the root, defined the evolution and naming of Siren.

With suited illumination, a careful observer will realize shadows that surely harmonize with the essence of this work. 

Approximate Dimensions: 34" W, 24" L, 9" D
$3,000, no charge for freight & insurance in domestic USA
Siren, Ships in 2-business Days!