— creating art that is distinctive and intricate, yet in its truest sense, uncomplicated. 



A reclaimed tree branch or root, a re-purposed frame, and my passion — art that unites humble, as well as involved, objects, into a kind of their own. I create art that is distinctive and intricate, yet in its truest sense, uncomplicated.

to create by refusing to be limited by precept

As much as I embrace convention in art, and I certainly do, my Fusion Frame art fulfills the part of me that says “no” to convention. That it is not only okay to be avant-garde, it is right. I like to embrace alternatives to an accepted order in art. To even, at times, completely ignore conventions when fashioning a piece and enjoy the unbounded ability to create by refusing to be limited by precept.

I enjoy seeking out unique frames, wherever they may be. And, I love being outdoors reclaiming extraordinary tree branches and roots. Especially when most of the time it involves spending a day or two in the forests of Central Oregon, but other wonderful places, too. It is a challenge to match a frame and branch. Finding a faultless marriage is rewarding in and of itself. Then, each project involves woodworking, sculpting and painting; which I also enjoy. I find it meaningful to commit the time required to merge a man-made as well as natural element into an artwork that captures imagination. Tailoring a Fusion Frame with a sentimental object for someone is even more rewarding — it captures life!

I have been making Fusion Frame art since 2011; and, I am passionate about Fusion Frames and passing them on to others, so that they can enjoy them as much as I do. My passion drives me to never accept limits on the possibilities.

Thanks for viewing my artwork,

Darryl Cox, Jr.

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looking forward

May 12 - August 27, 2017
The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette Exhibit - This national invitational exhibit will showcase work by invited artists - it is a celebration of the imagination exploring creativity and innovation in form and materials. I contributed one artwork for the exhibit. Wishing all involved the best of success!


this month's favorite quote

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”
Albert Einstein


meet Stalworth

Fashioning this piece was a distinct endeavor, and positively rewarding.

I discovered the antique wood & gesso frame in The Dalles, Oregon, situated on the bank of the mighty Columbia River. A perfect match for its counterpart – a brilliant root, reclaimed from a seldom exposed lakebed in the Willamette National Forest of Oregon; at water levels that have not been as low since 1969!

I always name my Fusion Frame artwork, commissions included. I considered the history of The Hinds Head and the people and communities that have shared in its journey throughout the ages, as well as Chef Heston Blumenthal’s life and accomplishments, before naming this piece.

Meet Stalworth, an applaud to The Hinds Head lasting the centuries, to the people and communities that have shared, share, in its existence, and most certainly to Heston Blumenthal for all he has achieved. What strong, enduring contributions to life – to the journey.


Special thanks to:

Steven Saunders
Director , Fabled STUDIO, London, UK
Fabled STUDIO on Facebook

Heston Blumenthal
Proprietor The Hinds Head, Bray, UK
The Hinds Head Bray on Facebook
Heston Blumenthal on Facebook

Julian Abrams

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Email: Quotes BY Leslie Biggs - August 30, 2016
Bentley - With his heavy, regal, antique gesso frame and chaotic, rambling manzanita branch, he is equal parts refined and wild


“I love my Bentley, which was ordered months ago, and here is a photo of his place in my home.”

“Sure, please use the photo I sent, if you wish, along with the fact that I love it and that I enjoy all the 'wow' comments I get when my friends see it.”

Email: Reviewed BY Taylor Winters- July 10, 2016
Alexander - Antique gesso frame and a sibling pair of roots that were reclaimed from the edge of the McKenzie River in Oregon



I just wanted to let you know that Alexander arrived safely and it's in perfect condition. Thank you so much. He's even more beautiful in person than pictures could ever capture. I'm more than thrilled. I'll send a picture later!!

Thanks again,


ETSY: Reviewed BY Kat Von D- March 31, 2016
Victor- Antique Wood & Gesso Frame with Two Grafted Tree Roots from the Forests of Oregon. - Five Stars

Email: Reviewed BY Kris Knoernschild & Mark Murzin - January 27, 2016
River - Oak Frame with Grafted Juniper Tree Branches, 2-piece artwork

Hi Darryl – River looks fabulous here!

Any time you want to come over and see River for yourself, just let us know. We’d appreciate your first-hand opinion of the placement and lighting.

Thanks so much for your art!

Kris & Mark

ETSY: Reviewed BY Steve Dunn- June 29, 2015
Muse- Antique Wood & Gesso Frame with Grafted Manzanita Branch - Five Stars


This is a beautiful piece and the artist is a pleasure to deal with. Very professional and seamless transaction. Thanks for bringing such beauty into the world!

ETSY: Reviewed BY Catherine McCarthy- June 25, 2015
Knox - Vintage wood frame with Grafted Pine Roots- Five Stars

Raven - Antique Wood & Gesso Frame with Grafted Pine Roots-Five Stars


I love this piece! Darryl was great to deal with, shipping was fast, and the artwork was just what I hoped - very interesting, unique and imaginative. Everyone who sees it is stunned. I also bought a smaller piece, named Raven, that I also love. I highly recommend these works of art and the artist. Will keep forever, I'm sure.

ETSY Conversation: Reviewed BY Vani - June 19, 2015
Luna - Antique Ornate Wood Frame with Grafted Juniper Branch


I just received the Fusion Frame Luna today and am absolutely delighted with it. It is a beautifully and lovingly crafted work of art.

The silvery grey Juniper branch just seamlessly twists, turns and flows out of the old old carved man-made wooden rectangular antique frame, as if it had enough of being contained and was becoming "nature" again!!!

Thank you Darryl for your patient conversations with me. "Luna" and I am happy to join the family of Fusion Frame owners.

Best wishes in your endeavors


Email: Reviewed BY Richard Kansky - June 1, 2015
Kaiser - Antique Oval Frame with Grafted Manzanita Branch

Dear Mr. Cox,

I would like to thank you for the beautiful and important piece of art you created for our home and family. It hangs in a spot that we get to enjoy it daily. We are a family that places minimal value on possessions, but we cherish our keepsakes, as we want the generations that follow to share in these rare items and what they mean to us. Our piece of art, Kaiser, is one of those gifts. When we look at Kaiser, we cannot help but consider the occasion and value of human life and our natural environment coming together; as well as the true importance, respect and pleasure provided us because our life is here on such a beautiful place, in a beautiful time, with beauty all around us. Thank you.

Rich Kansky, President

Green Acres Landscape, Inc.

1974 Davis Rd S

Salem, OR 97302

Email: Reviewed BY Mary Jo Ispas - May 13, 2015
Stanus - CIRCA 1900 Eastlake Frame & Grafted Manzanita Branch

I have one of Darryl's frames hanging in our front room! Stanus has brought us so much enjoyment! The hardest part for me was "which one should I choose?” Each piece is so very unique that it amazes me how one artist can give so many people a true "one of a kind" work that just fits that perfect place. I had the privilege of spending some time with Darryl at an art show and was able to witness the connection start to form as each frame chosen began the journey to its new home. I frequently check the site to see his new creations!

Be a Blessing..and Be Blessed ;)

Email: Reviewed BY Karen Woodward - May 6, 2015
Bella - Oval Frame with Grafted Manzanita Branch

My husband and I just love it! Bringing something grown outside into our home really added charm and beauty to the inside of our home.

ETSY: Reviewed BY anonymous - April 4, 2014
Eli - Vintage Wood Frame with Grafted Manzanita Branch -Five Stars


Very unique piece! The attention to detail is quite amazing. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a one of a kind item! Nice guy too. Thanks!

ETSY: Reviewed BY sonic - March 21, 2014
Hodge - Heavy Composite Frame with Grafted Pine Branch -Five Stars


Beautiful frame — even sitting on a table waiting to be hung, it looks magical. Shipping only took a day. I am very excited to have Hodge. Thank you!

Email: Reviewed BY doroko - May 11, 2013
Zelda - Wood Frame with Grafted Juniper Branch


Hi Darryl,

Zelda is such a beauty!! I'm so delighted to find her upon unpacking the box. The twisted joint on the left arm of the frame is particularly skillful, and the overall profile of the branch, protruding from the frame and arching back to the wall is absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

We put it on the red wall as intended, but it doesn't look 100% right. So we ended up putting her in the living room, next to the window, where it has its own dedicated wall. I just sent you two pics, but they don't show the glorious zecova tree outside.

Zelda is a surprise birthday present for my husband, and he loves it. He is an architectural historian and finds it very evocative of late gothic columns, where twisted botany forms found their way onto columns of buildings.

So, thank you so much!


I most appreciate one of kind art. No replicates. No miniatures. No prints. Only one.

With so much individuality and capacity in being human, do we really require thousands, if not millions, of replicates of everything? Is it not okay, sometimes, to have one of something? To appreciate it privately? It is not that derivatives are inherently wrong, as they, of course, have their worth. However, it dilutes the good and meaning of, one of kind, to me.

Owners of Fusion Frames have shared how personal and meaningful they consider their artwork. Fusion Frames are exceptionally distinctive. Each encompasses a genuine piece of reclaimed wood and an existent picture frame, both with their own history and nuances. When fused together they become one, with a fresh beginning. The same piece influences people differently, as is the case with all art. However, when it comes to visual art that unites the organic, I believe only the original can bring about the most far-reaching impression. I do not want to temper the experience by offering reproductions. Moreover, I want to preserve and protect the undivided impact for the individual that has a special right – the procurer.

I devote incredible hours to my Fusion Frames, as I enjoy making art. I make 20-30 artworks per year – dictated by the time requirements of each Fusion Frame. For I independently seek out each element, frame and branch. I, alone, design, build and enhance every piece. I even crate the artwork, with a bit of help, which is a time intensive undertaking, to ensure every Fusion Frame reaches its new owner unharmed.

I recognize my appreciation for one of kind art, created by one set of hands, limits my ability to complete a significant number of artworks per year. However, it enables me to create one of kind pieces, in the truest sense, by which I am inspired. It is worthwhile to me. More importantly, it is meaningful to my patrons. If not an absolute requirement.

View pieces currently available for purchase here.

the blending of these basics creates a distinct piece of art

I use many different woods. Central Oregon manzanita, juniper, aspen, Willamette Valley filbert and California grapevine are a few of my favorites. Using frames of all types and from time periods spanning well over one hundred years make Fusion Frames even more interesting. If used, leather, iron, brass, bronze and glass all retain the personality of their heritage. I apply paints and stains to add individuality, and also make use of bonding & sculpting agents.

The blending of these basics creates a distinct piece of art. It is meaningful and different. When finished, each exhibits characteristics of its parts, in a singular, harmonized style. Each shows individual histories, as well as a combined story as one. Each is a chronicle, complete with scars and adornment.

a bit about me

I grew up in California, with a dad that was a carpenter each day; and, a husband, father, yard artist, fisherman and hunter when he was not “being a carpenter. “My dad let me tag along, everywhere, and helped me to learn and grow. He died when I was eleven, but not before sharing his love of carpentry, the outdoors, art, soccer, and most certainly — family. Mom, always has been and is today a non-stop “think-out-of-the-box” artiste. She recognizes the good, the worth, in everyone and everything. I learned much from both; and their attention certainly nurtured my appreciation of art.

As a teenager and young adult, I lived life with family and friends, many new, in the Willamette Valley. I enjoyed soccer, school, friends, family, being outdoors (especially fishing) and definitely distinctive art. I really liked “dead” trees – imagine that. How may they be re-purposed, was that a cognizant thought back then? I was also drawn to frames, especially antique frames with their unique character and history.

I relocated to the East Coast for a spell, only to return to the Willamette Valley for my college years, attending Western Oregon University and receiving an Art Major.

Now, I have been in spectacular Central Oregon for many years, enjoying every moment. I have a great job and appreciate my co-workers, friends and family.

I have always valued art and its ability to evoke emotion and action. The diverse human imagination, opinion and deed evidenced in art, simply captivates me. It is ever evolving and multifaceted. Art is a reflection of people, and how they think, feel and behave. It is an uncluttered record. I respect it.

I appreciate practically all art genres and styles. However, I enjoy surrealism most. I particularly like the element of unlikely juxtapositions – how the surreal merges the otherwise unrelated into a singular work. I find it intriguing. The dissimilar do belong together, but only in a singular occasion. I see this every time I work on a Fusion Frame, which is almost every day.